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This section gives an overview of Proudpals Co. Ltd., its mission, objectives and values, It also gives details of its long and illustrious history, and the personalities who founded and enriched it.


roudpals Company Limited is one among and leading Licensed Manpower Recruitment Agency in GHANA, West Africa, offering Professional and Specialist Recruitment Consultancy services. Proudpals Company Limited is already recognized as highly successful in providing its clients, reliable, qualified and cost effective solutions to their HRD & Personnel needs either from our comprehensive database or through creative advertisements, extensive search & selection.

Proudpals Company Limited were established and are managed by professionals having extensive experience in HRD, IT Industry Marketing, Financial Management, etc.

Proudpals Company Limited is registered with the Registrar Department of The Republic of Ghana Under the provision of Sections 27 and 28 of Companies Code, No.: CA-67,522. TIN – 524V056459. Proudpals Company Limited is registered with the Ghana Labour Department under the Ministry of Manpower, Youth & Employment with license No.: KN-204 (PEA/123). We are also a member of Ghana Association of Private Employment Agencies.

At Proudpals Company Limited we want to understand your goals, your needs and how the inevitable changes of this business are affecting your world. With such an understanding we then match the right talent to deliver successful results.

The business has grown and diversified into supplying other services including Travel & Tour, Import & Export, Advertising & Event Organising, Contracting Services, Internet & Software Training. Proudpals Company Limited (PCL) is a company that assist business entities to import and export general goods to and from Ghana.

Football Clubs and Agents are not left out, we have vast database for sourcing qualified players from Ghana for trail programs in Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa. We welcome franchise opportunities from manufacturing companies who are readily available for flexible licensing arrangements to enable us buy the right to trade and produce under a their known brand name in a our locality.

We also invite investors in the field of Real Estate Developing, Transportation, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mining etc to partner with us.

Our Skills

Integrity / 95%
Customer Loyalty / 98%
Commitment to Performance / 85%

The quality of a candidate is not defined by his qualifications alone, but also by his ability to succeed within the particular organisation for which he is hired to work. PCL has always been the hallmark of quality recruitment because of our consistent focus on finding the right candidate to match the employer’s environment and culture, as well as the job itself.


Our Mission


s to build a bridge between employee and employer. We achieved this status by the dedicated accomplishment of a highly motivated, professional and experience team who are highly dedicated. Our past professional experience helped us boost our confident to face any kind of challenges of this industry, we are fully aware the relationship build on trust will last long and good yield. We wish to become a part of your success other than being only a Manpower Recruiting Agent We assures you at our utmost honesty and Business Trust. The choice you make by appointing us your Manpower Recruiting Consultant would not be a disappointment to you later. This absolute commitment to you to meet your expectation and confidence that has in us.



ur administrative and advisory support is always available to answer immediately all the requests and inquiries. Improving company’s performance is there in everybody’s mind – from the Board of Directors to all the staff and employees working in the company. Our broad and rightful thinking with long term dedication to our work have sets us apart. No matter where the client is and what the requirement may be our objective is to provide human capital solution and foster the success of the organization.


  • Customer Loyalty
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Trust & Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Transparency and Knowledge Exchange
  • Dedication to the Company Goals
  • Commitment to Performance
  • Teamwork

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